All our staff are Licensed and have undergone intensive training and successfully achieved the requirements

set out by the Commercial Agents Squad, the governing body of the Security Industry.

With completing Certificate II & III in Security and Crowd Control all our staff have the following qualifications:

                             Maintain the security of premises and property

                             Control access to and from premises

                             Maintain Safety of premises and personnel

                             Communication in the workplace

                             Manage conflict and Aggression/Violence

                             Maintain Occupational health and Safety

                             Manage own performance

                             Operate basic security equipment

                             Apprehend offenders

                             Control crowds

                             Maintain an effective relationship with clients/customers

                             Work as part of a security team

                             Interpret and comply with legal & procedural requirements

                             Emergency procedures

                             Provide Emergency first Aid

                             Observe and Monitor people

                             Escort and carry valuables

                             Access and Egress Control

Manage intoxicated persons

                             Correcting Handling of Drug devises (syringes etc)


All our staff have a current Seniors First Aid Certificate and several of our staff members have also completed

the Employ Batons and Handcuffs Course. Prior to commencement of their employment we recommend to our staff

to undergo a Hepatitis B injection for their own safety in the workplace.