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Work Information

We offer existing and potential clients a professional security organization that can provide and assist in all

Static Security and Crowd Control requirements that may be needed at any given time. Professional advice

and suggestions are given on all quotes and assurance that they can trust and depend on the service and

advice given.


Available for all sorts of function

Our business offers services for all different types of situations:


††††††††††† Shopping Centerís

††††††††††† Weddings

††††††††††† Birthday Parties

††††††††††† Construction Sites

††††††††††† After Ball Parties

††††††††††† Sporting Events

††††††††††† School Functions

††††††††††† Cocktail Parties

††††††††††† Entertainment Venues

††††††††††† Court Escorting

††††††††††† Private Functions

††††††††††† Canine Services also available



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Contact Information


For any free quotes or any enquiries please forward the relevant information to any of the following:

E-mail address


Postal Address

Quality Security Services

PO Box 198



Office phone numbers

Phone 08 9243 0900

Fax 08 9243 8980

Mobile 0421 387 015


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Last revised: 24 February 2002